Bobby 'AUDacity' Pershen is an Iranian-American Recording Artist, Producer & Songwriter. Born & Raised in Santa Monica, California, he embodies all the characteristics of a 'True Artist'. He carries a razor-sharp attention to detail, and a limitless imagination. The name 'AUDacity' signifies the artistic courage he possesses. He prides himself on creating art that is innovative, but commercially appealing at the same time. Although he can be placed in the 'Popular Music' category, he is nevertheless, a 'Classically Trained Emcee'. He puts a heavy emphasis on potent poetic content, while keeping his songs melodically enjoyable. Cool Dude Entertainment is his production company, and the 'Cool Dude Sound' is all about combining choice elements of Hip-Hop, Electronica, Electronic-Dance, Jazz, Rock, R&B and World Music, resulting in a universal resonance that transcends all musical genres. His greatest musical influences are Michael Jackson, R. Kelly, Phil Collins, KRS-One, Stevie Wonder, & of course Jay-Z. He also credits Sammy Davis, Jr. & Richard Pryor as being key inspirations. His music videos are essentially, 'Mini-Movies', and his hands-on approach, inevitably, causes him to also serve as Director for all of his visual displays. The monumental 'Cool Tape' release was the first of its kind. It included viral sensations such as 'Captain A U', & is continually receiving rave reviews to this day. His official debut album, 'Memoirs of a Cool Dude...' will illustrate clever tales of life, love, lust & luxury. The project will contain the fun-filled anthem 'Miami Knights', & the Farsi-infused love ode 'Dooset Daram'. The latest release, 'Balloons & Candy', narrates his journey from the inside looking out, & how everything is not always what it seems from the 'Outside Looking In'. Before pursuing a music career full-time, he received a bachelor's degree from U.C.L.A. Growing up; his parents always discussed the importance of education with him. And now as an adult himself, he hopes to continue instilling those values of education with a series of children's books he's developing entitled 'School Is Cool…' Ultimately, the dude they call 'A-U-D' understands that his talents are blessings from above, & therefore, sees it as his life's duty to create cutting-edge, groundbreaking & timeless art. His mission is to spread love, inspire, & to always exude a maximum amount of positive energy. Cool Dude is the entertainment. AUDacity is the entertainer.