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Bobby "AUDacity" Pershen is indeed a SuperStar on the rise. An Iranian who was born and raised in Santa Monica, CA, from his early childhood he has been heavily influenced by Hip Hop music, among other popular genres.

He notes his main influences as being Michael Jackson, R.Kelly, KRS-One, Rick James, Puff Daddy, Wham, DJ Quik, Stevie Wonder, Ice Cube, Big L, Kid n' Play, Spice 1, and of course Jay-Z.

Nevertheless, AUD has marked various achievements outside of entertainment, including a bachelor's degree from U.C.L.A. However, he maintains that creating groundbreaking music has always been his ultimate goal in life.

AUDacity despises being referred to simply as a "Rapper", because he is unquestionably more than that. Being a producer, performer, designer, director, singer, and a genius songwriter, the young man they call "AUD" is truly a force to be reckoned with.

Along with Super-Producer MARKO G. they create a sound that is undeniably epic; combining elements of Vintage Hip Hop, Electronica, Rock n Roll, and R&B to create the signature "Cool Dude" sound of solid drums and slick synthesizers.

Additionally, he is also introducing his company 'Cool Dude Entertainment,' Inc., which is essentially an extension of the movement he is creating as a solo artist.

AUD's monumental MixTape entitled "The Cool Tape..." will inevitably go down as a classic! In addition to videos such as "Jay-Z's Girl" & "Captain A U", he also puts his rare twist on many more of your favorite songs from the 80's and 90's.

"Memoirs of a Cool Dude...", The debut album from AUDacity will also be arriving shortly... COOL DUDE!!!


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Cool News

Planet Cool Dude…

posted by AUD on November 16, 2011

Welcome To The Wonderful World of AUDacity & Cool Dude Entertainment! Enjoy!

AUDacity ‘MIAmi Knights’ Coming Soon!

posted by AUD on

Coming Very Soon… The Brand New AUDacity Single & Mini-Movie… ‘MIAmi Knights’

AUDacity- ‘Memoirs of a Cool Dude…’ Debut Album Coming Soon!

posted by AUD on

AUDacity’s Official Debut Album Arriving Very Soon…

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